9 July 2014

Momma Got Married!

On the 28th of June my Momma finally got married to her sweetheart. 
So we decided to make a full weekend out of it with a meal the night prior and a hotel stay with the wedding on the Saturday. I took it even further and decided to doll myself up to the hills, seeing as she would only get married once. The night prior we went out for a family meal including my mums side of the family and my other half.  
 photo 10453765_287444324771564_1838814190_a_zpsb60ae762.jpg
Dress - Backless lace number from New Look
Shoes - Primark last season
Necklace - Vintage stall
Lipstick - Dita Von Tease Art Deco
I adore this dress, it makes me feel fabity and I don't have to bear much flesh (aside from my back and bra strap ha!) That night me and my mum spent the night at the hotel where she would be getting married the next day -Lazaat's. We had a queen(?) bed with room for 4 people and a gorgeous bathroom with a walk in shower. The next morning involved us getting our hair and make up done, drinking wine and getting nervous! The following pictures are from after the ceremony. 
 photo 10462151_10152131298676722_8212603872641303997_o_zpsbc944948.jpg
 photo 1907755_10152131297301722_3640693616421253991_o_zpse62816a1.jpg
 photo 10463632_10152131295676722_7114520322725040311_o_zpsd5f53676.jpg
 photo 10498387_10152131298026722_1277722310450328734_o_zps74c0375c.jpg
 photo 10454359_10152131297531722_6155891606992429829_o_zpsa600a648.jpg
 photo 10514448_10152131298296722_8779873790943881289_o_zpsd33ccdd0.jpg
Pictured 1st is my dress from the night do. It consists of a white material dress and separate under skirt, both from eBay and my staple chunky heels from Primark and pearls from Matalan. Pictured second is the dress I wore for the ceremony The dress is from Quiz (a prom dress store?) sailor heels from Schuh and my pearls. Both dress were super comfy and surprisingly light and airy. In my hair for both outfits I wore material like red roses with my hair curled and swept back. 
The day turned out to be fabulous, my momma looked gorgeous and she was super happy. We had lots of cake, a photo booth and a candy cart (so I made quick work of all the goodies on offer!) Best of all I got to tumble into bed with my man after a long night of dancing yay!
Here's one of my favorite photos that got taken with a film camera!
 photo 1_zps13cdb155.jpg
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png
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27 June 2014


Hello guys, I've never really heard of this box before, I just saw an add on facebook  for 50% off your first box (normally £12.99) and thought "Damn I have to try that" and after reading Hayley's post about the May box I was super excited to receive mine. I use to be subscribed to boxes such as Glossybox and Graze but they never really did anything for me and more often than not I wouldn't use the products. However this box sends you 9-14 full sized products you can munch or slurp your way through. How great is that??
 photo DSC_9155_zps0137264c.jpg
 photo DSC_9160_zps7043872a.jpg
Even the box it comes in is cool. 
For starters there was a big bottle of Lambrini's new flavor of Strawberry, little confession here, this was all I use to drink when I was at family parties, it's so sweet so I'm excited to try this new flavor. Next up was Estrella Damm if not for the info sheet packed at the bottom I wouldn't have a clue what this was... It is in fact larger, I don't actually drink beer but I will try it, let's hope it's sweet! The Be Fast breakfast drink's would have been great as in the morning's I'm ever so lazy, I'm not keen on Banana flavored things but I'll give it a try.  
 photo DSC_9165_zpsa2eed945.jpg
There was a big box of Alpha Bites and Tyrrells Proper Popcorn slipped down the side as my 'extra treat' as it was my first box. I can't wait to try these two, the popcorn looks scrummy in the packaging so I'll be popping that in my bag for a work snack. They also included some Veetee Rice with a nutty under flavor, I don't eat rice but my boyfriend does so I'll pop that his way! 
 photo DSC_9169_zpsda05ff77.jpg
I've seen these in the May box and really wanted to try them for myself and they were the Elizabeth Shaw Milk Chocolate Amaretto Flutes, I'm actually munching on them as we speak! They taste amazing, I didn't know what to expect with the amaretto but it just adds to the chocolate flavor, mmmh. The Urban Fruit Pineapple snacks look a treat, something else to take to work with me. Finally I got sent the Dr Oetker Vanilla Grinder which comes at a perfect time as I'm obsessed with making brownies, next time I'll have to add a little vanilla to the mix and see how it tastes!
 photo DSC_9176_zpsfa70d600.jpg
Overall I'm really impressed with my first  Degustabox and I can't wait for next months to arrive already!
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png
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26 June 2014

Hello New Shoes!

It's no secret, I love shoes!!! This summer I thought with the few weekends away I'm having I was allowed some treats, those being in the form of new shoes as I don't actually own any flat shoes that I can wear on nice days out. So away I went shopping... 
 photo DSC_9150_zps284fddf0.jpg
 photo DSC_9151_zpsdd284716.jpg
 photo DSC_9153_zpsbb2185af.jpg
 photo DSC_9154_zps32088b7f.jpg
From Top to Bottom
bag is from justfab.com (do not recommend!)
red dolly shoes - £8 & black cuts outs - £12.50 were from primark 
white flowery wedges are hush puppies from shoe (reduced £35!)
brown sandals & black pointy cut outs are also from justfab.com

Not the most expensive haul in the world but I'll tell you what, some of these shoes are the comfiest ever! The Hush Puppies have a padded sole so they score extra comfy points. The bag is huge, heavy yet also perfect. It's a shame it's from justfab.com because I would not have paid £35 for that baby (it was gifted to me) but all the same I love bags. Now to just wait for my weekend's away, it's going to be fun!
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png
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25 June 2014

Summer Reading List & Update

Hello guys, 
It seems I'm back from a very long holiday, or so it seems. My personal life as well as college caught up with me and well me being lazy I just didn't bother. It didn't help that I had lost my way with blogging. However I AM BACK! I have returned with a new blog design (which I love) and hopefully a new direction with blogging. I felt as if before I left it was just makeup everything and I was getting bored, I mean I love makeup yet hate reviewing it because I don't wear it every single day. Meaning my direction comes in the form of book posts (which I'm trying to do more of), OOTD posts (as now I have my own place!!) and just normal everyday lifestyle posts. Don't get me wrong, I will still talk about beauty it just won't be all the time as I'm not actually buying that much makeup anymore. 

I have so many posts I want to share with you, including a tour of my very own flat and the weekend I spent away in Peterborough, but for now I'm going to give you a taste of what I'm going to be reading this summer!
 photo DSC_9127_zps5a18c6b6.jpg
Apocalypse Now Now By Charlie Human
Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantle
City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare
Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
Game of Thrones by George R.R Martin

Also including some kindle books I just haven't had chance to read (I'm trying to save up for the HD fire)... I haven't included many on this list as I'm slowly getting myself back into reading as I haven't done very much this year. Hopefully when September rolls around this list will be complete and I'll have had to make a second post for all the other books I've read! As I seem to have tons of spare time and spend most of it in bed... so I may as well start picking up a book again.

 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png
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30 April 2014

6 Months Worth of #OOTD's

Looking back on it now, I've been gone for a very long time with fewer posts inbetween. In that time I bought probably a full wardrobes worth of clothes and never showed you all. However rather than post a super duper long haul video/post I'm just going to show you all a few ootd's from instagram from the past few months.
 (@ellelouiseexo if you don't already follow me).
So enjoy :-)
1. How cool are these onesies though? I had to include them! They are super duper comfy and only £7 each from the Primark sale. I now wear them nearly 24/7...

2. The dress is from the Primark summer range and now one of my favorites and the bow from Claire's accessories. It was a gorgeous sunny day so I got my arms out!
3. This was from my school placement before Easter. The stripey top is from New Look, the pinafore from Topshop (eBay) and the bag from Next. I feel like an kid in this dress and I love it!

4. This is from a night out to say goodbye to my friend going to Africa! The dress is from the new Primark range and the shoes are real Jeffrey Campbell Lita's, they are so high it's scary!
5. This is from a recent night out and I decided to glam up! The dress is vintage from a charity shop and the heels from Primark last year, the dress also has a huge bow at the back which makes it even better ♡~♡

6. The dress is from New Look last year, the heels are the same as above and the coat is vintage. I love this coat, it's so thick and soft and makes me feel so vintage it's unreal!

So that's it for now guys, I love taking outfit pictures so I hope once my exams are over I can get into full swing with the summer sun and show you guys some more of the clothes I bought! :-)
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png